BC00001  Aren't You Glad You're You  from 'The Bells of St. Mary's starring
Ingrid Bergman, lyric by J. Burke, music by Jimmy van Heusen, 1945.  G  8.00
BC00002  Sunday, Monday, or Always  Paramount presents 'Dixie' starring
Dorothy Lamour, lyrics by J. Burke, music by Jimmy van Heusen, 1943.  G  8.00
BC00003  The Day You Came Along  Paramount presents 'Too Much Harmony',
and J. Allen, lyrics & music by A. Johston and S. Coslow, 1933.  G  8.00
BC00004  Moonlight Becomes You  Paramount presents Bob Hope and Dorothy
Lamour in 'Road to Morocco', words by J. Burke, 1942.  VG  9.00
BC00005  The Bells of St. Mary's  starring Ingrid Bergman in Leo McCarey's
RKO Radio Picture, by D. Furber and A. Emmett Adams, 1945.  G  8.00
BC00006  If You Please  Paramount's 'Dixie', starring Dorothy Lamour, words by
Johnny Burke, music by Jimmy van Heusen,  1943.  VG  9.00
BC00007  I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams  Paramount Picture's 'Sing You
Sinners', starring Fred MacMurray, lyric by John Burke,  1938.  G  8.00
BC00008  That Old Black Magic  Paramount's 'Star Spangled Rhythm', Bob
Hope, many stars, words by Johnny Mercer, music by Harold Arlen, 1942.  G  8.00
BC00009  Little Dutch Mill  words by Ralph Freed, music by Harry Barris,
signed cover of Bing Crosby, 1934.  F  6.00
BC00010  Too Romantic  Paramount Pictures 'The Road to Singapore' starring
Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour,  music by J. V. Monaco, 1940.  VG  9.00
BC00011  Learn to Croon  Paramount Pictures 'College Humor', lyric by Sam
Coslow, music by Arthur Johnston, 1933.  G  8.00
BC00012  Be Careful it's My Heart  Paramount's 'Holiday Inn' with Fred Astaire,
by Irving Berlin, 1942.  G  8.00
BC00013  You Keep Coming Back Like a Song  Paramount's 'Blue Skies' with
Fred Astaire and Joan Caulfield, by Irving Berlin, 1945.  VG  9.00
BC00014  Just an Echo in the Valley  signed photo of Bing Crosby on cover, by
Harry Woods, Jimmy Campbell, Reg. Connelly, 1932.  G  25.00
BC00015  There's a Gold Mine in the Sky  signed photo of Bing Crosby on
cover, by Charles and Nick Kenny, 1937.  VG  13.00
BC00016  Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive  Paramount's 'Here Come the Waves'  
with Betty Hutton, words by J. Mercer, music by H. Arlen, 1944.  VG 13.00  
BC00017  Going My Way  Paramount's Picture with Barry Fitzgerald, Jean
Heather and, lyrics by J. Burke and music by J. van Heusen, 1944.  VG 5.00
BC00018  Apalachicola, Fla.  Paramount presents Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour and
the Andrews Sisters in 'Road to Rio' lyric by J. Burke, 1947.  VG+  7.00
BC00019  Love in Bloom  Paramount's 'She Loves Me Not' with Miriam Hopkins
and Kitty Carlisle, by Leo Robin and R. Rainger, 1934.  VG  13.00  
BC00020  I Must See Annie Tonight  words and music by Cliff Friend and Dave
crease, 1938.  G  5.00
BC00021  If I Had My Way  from the Universal Picture with Gloria Jean, words
by Lou Klein, music by James Kendis,
crease, 1939.  G  5.00
BC00022  How Soon? (Will I be Seeing You) with Carmen Cavallaro, words by
Jack Owens, music by Carroll Lucas, 1947.  VG  4.00
BC00023  I Can't Escape from You  from Paramount's 'Rhythm on the Range' with
Frances Farmer, words and music by Leo Robin & R. Whiting, 1936.  G  5.00
BC00024  June in January  Paramount's 'Here is My Heart' with Kitty Carlisle,
words and music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger, 1934.  G  5.00
BC00025  Paper Doll  'as Broadcast Inimitably by Bing Crosby' by Johnny Black
(writer of Dardanella), 1943.  F  4.00
BC00026  The Day after Forever  from Paramount's 'Going My Way', lyrics by
Johnny Burke, music by Jimmy van Heusen, 1944.  VG  4.00
BC00027  Pennies from Heaven  released by Columbia Pictures, words by John
Burke, music by Arthur Johnston, 1936.  G  4.00  
BC00028  Welcome to My Dream  from Paramount's 'The Road to Utopia' with
Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour,
spine separated,  1945.  G  4.00
BC00029  Along the Navajo Trail  recorded by Bing Crosby and the Andrews
Sisters, by Larry Markes, Dick Charles and Eddie de Lange,  1945.  VG  4.00
BC00030  Pretending  words and music by Marty Symes and Al Sherman,  1946.
G  4.00
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