CH00001  White Christmas  by Irving Berlin, 1942.  G  4.00
CH00002  Silver Bells  from Paramount's 'The Lemon Drop Kid' starring Bob
Hope, words and music by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans,
stains, 1950.  F  4.00
CH00003  Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  featured by Woody Herman,
Lyric by Sammy Cahn, music by Jule Styne, 1945.  G  3.00
CH00004  Christmas Carols from Many Countries  arranged for unchanged
voices, by Satis N. Coleman and Elin Jorgensen, printed by G. Schirmer. This little
gem is a collection of old favorites, familiar carols with new settings, carols in
original foreign languages and newly translated carols. Over 80 songs on 102 pps.,
1934.  VG  40.00
CH00005  Popular Christmas Favorites for Portable Chord Organs, 15 assorted
classics in this song book, by Plymouth Music Co., 24 pps. 1960.  VG  8.00   
CH00006  Holiday Melodies  for all organs, by Thomas Music Co., over 40 songs
in this collection of  family favorites, 63 pps. 1968.  VG  10.00
CH00007  Popular Christmas Songs  Level 3 of Bastien Piano Basics for
beginners, 11 songs in this book with pencil notes throughout, 1986.  G  4.00
CH00008  The Christmas Song  Merry Christmas to You, words and music by
Mel Torme and Robert Wells, 1946.  G  3.00
CH00009  Christmas Candles  words and music by Raymond Leveen, Leo Breen
& Wilbur Sampson, 1944.  G  3.00
CH00010  White Christmas  From Paramount's 'Holiday Inn' starring Bing Crosby
and Fred Astaire, by Irving Berlin, 1942.  G  5.00
CH00011  C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S  recorded and music by Eddy Arnold, words by
Jenny Lou Carson, 1949.  G  4.00
CH00012  Will Santy come to Shanty Town  words and music by Eddy Arnold,
Steve Nelson & Ed Nelson, Jr., 1949.  G  4.00
CH00014  Santa's on His Way  piano solo with words by John W. Schaum, 1970.  
VG  3.00
CH00015  Santa Claus is Comin' to Town  words by Haven Gillespie, music by
J. Fred Coots, 1934.  G  4.00
CH00017  Wesley Schaum's  Christmas Tunes for Two  Duets for Two Students
at One Piano, 15 favorites in this book, 33pps., 1964.  G  10.00
CH00018  Reader's Digest  Best Loved Christmas Carols  words and music, 20
of the best-loved Christmas carols to add joy to your holiday, 1970.  G  15.00
CH00019  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  by Johnny Marks and St. Nicholas
Music, everyone's favorite, the score is intact, but alas the music has seen a lot of
use and is in pretty sad shape, first penny takes it. 1949. P  .01  
CH00020  Christmas at the Keyboard  for Piano or Organ by Wesley Schaum, 27
all-time favorites in this book, 32 pps., 1965.  G  10.00
CH00021  Christmas Carols for Little Jacks and Jills  arrangements by Irene
Rodgers, illustrations by George Martin, published by G. Schirmer, brighten your
child's holiday with this book of  18 favorites,
progress stars, 1950.  G  10.00     
CH00022  Count Your Blessings instead of Sheep   from Paramount's 'White
Christmas' with Bing Crosby & Danny Kay,
doodling, 1952.  F  2.00
CH00023  Christmas Eve (Am Weihnachtsabend) Carl Heins Op. 43  grade 3. A
study in Grace notes and Staccato for Right Hand for the piano, 1918.  G  5.00
CH00024  Six Christmas Carols  arranged for Piano by W. Otto Meissner,
published by Miessner Institute of Music,
lots of use, 1927.  F  4.00
CH00025  Holy Night (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) from the Famous Songs for
Christmas Tide series, arranged and translated by Chas. Henderson, 1923.  G  4.00
CH00026  Words and Music  by the Sherman, Clay & Co., a catalog of song, gifts,
instruments and appliances for the 1932 holiday season,
unique, G  10.00
CH00027  Me and My Teddy Bear  featured by Rosemary Clooney, words by
Jack Winters, music by J. Fred Coots, 1950.  G  8.00
CH00028  A Child's Book of Christmas Carols  selected and arranged by Inez
Bertail, illustrated by Masha, published by J.A. Richards, a collection of 18
holiday favorites all beautifully illustrated, a real treasure,
stitching is starting to
, 1943.  G  25.00
CH00029  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Organ Collection with
words and music arranged by Ethel Smith, 6 favorites, 1952.  VG  10.00
CH00030  Christmas in Many Lands  Yuletide carols, customs, legends and
poems from around the world. Printed in 1938 by the Augsburg Publishing House
this over-sized folio is filled with 28 pps.of exquisite prints and artwork
celebrating the season, truly a keepsake.  VG  35.00
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