FA00001  Indianola  Instrumental novelty and fox trot song, by S.R.Henry and D.
Onivas, lyric by Frank H. Warren, 1908.  F  5.00
FA00002  My Castles in the Air (are Tumbling Down)  words by Arthur J. Lamb,
music by W.C. Polla, 1919.  F  5.00
FA00003  Everybody's Buddy  words by B.  Grossman, music by B. Frisch, 1920  
G  8.00
FA00004  Feather Your Nest  by Kendis, Brockman and Howard Johnson, signed
photo by Elsie White on cover, 1920.  VG  9.00
FA00005  Margie  lyric by Benny Davis, music by Con Conrad and J. Russel
Robinson,  1920  VG  9.00
FA00006  When Mother Sang Hush-A-Bye, O.  words and music by H.C.
Weasner, 1919.  VG  9.00
FA00007  Short'nin' Bread  arranged by Fred K. Huffer,  1939.  G  8.00
FA00008  You're Gonna Lose Your Gal  words by Joe Young, music by James V.
Monaco, photo of Guy Lombardo, 1933.  G  8.00
FA00009  To be Forgotten  by Irving Berlin, 1928.  G  8.00
FA00010  (I'll be in My Dixieland Home Again) To-Morrow  by Roy Turk and J.
Russel Robinson, 1922.  G  8.00
FA00011  Say it isn't so  by Irving Berlin, 1932.  F  5.00
FA00012  Thanks for the Buggy Ride  words and music by Jules Buffano,
1925.  F  6.00
FA00013  Mammy O' Mine  words by Wm. Tracey, music by Maceo Pinkard,
Jessie Reed on the cover, 1919.  G  8.00
FA00014  Rum and Coca-Cola  featured by the Andrews Sisters, lyric by Morey
Amsterdam, music by Jeri Sullivan and Paul Baron, 1944.  F  5.00
FA00015  Rock-A-Bye Moon  featured by Ethel Shutta, by Howard Johnson, Fred
Steele, Morton Lang, 1932.  F  5.00
FA00016  Woody Woodpecker  from the Walter Lantz cartoons, featured and
recorded by Kay Kyser, by G. Tibbles & R. Idriss,
holes punched, 1947.  F  6.00
FA00017  I Can't do Without You  by Irving Berlin, 1928.  F  6.00
FA00018  The Wreck on the Southern Old 97  by Henry Whitter, 1924.
G  8.00  
FA00019  Wagon Wheels  from the new Ziegfeld Follies, lyric by Billy Hill,
music by Peter de Rose, Everett Marshall on cover, 1934.  G  8.00
FA00020  What Does it Matter ?  by Irving Berlin,  small cut on corner,
1927.  F  6.00
FA00021  Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Down in Tennessee), words
by Harry Pease and J. White, music by Ira Shuster and Ed Nelson, 1921.  P  4.00
FA00022  You Know I Know Ev'rything's Made For Love  by Howard Johnson,
Charles Tobias and Al Sherman, Aileen Stanley on cover, 1926.  G  8.00
FA00023  Breeze  (Blow My Baby Back to Me)  by Ballard Macdonald, Joe
Goodwin, James F. Hanley, Owsley and O'Day on cover, 1919.  P  5.00  
FA00024  Among My Souvenirs  words by Edgar Leslie, music by Horatio
Nicholls, 1927.F  5.00
FA00025  Hard to Get  as introduced on the TV program 'Justice', Gisele
MacKenzie on cover, words and music by Jack Segal, 1955.  G  8.00
FA00026  All Alone  featured in the Music Box Revue, words and music by Irving
Berlin, 1924.  G  8.00
FA00027  Betty Co-Ed  Collegiate Sweetheart Song, featured by Phil Spitalny,
words and music by Paul Fogarty and Rudy Vallee, 1930.  F  7.00
FA00028  Beautiful  Arthur Gutow solo organist on cover, by Haven Gillespie and
Larry Shay, 1927.  VG+  10.00
FA00029  Wabash Moon  French lyrics included, introduced by Morton Downey,
by Dave Dreyer, 1931.  F  6.00  
FA00030  You'd Be Surprised  by Irving Berlin, Bonnie Baker on cover,
1939.  G  4.00
FA00031  Kate (have I come too early, too late)  by Irving Berlin, 1947.  G  8.00
FA00032  Pistol Packin' Mama  recorded by Al Dexter and  Troopers,
1943. VG  9.00
FA00033  The Music Goes 'Round and Around  words by 'Red' Hodgson, music
by Edward Farley and Michael Riley, 1935.  G  7.00
FA00034  Bebe  novelty Fox-Trot song, Bebe Daniels on cover, lyric by Sam
Coslow, music by Abner Silver, 1923.  F  5.00  
FA00035  Far Away Places  by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer, 1948.  F  6.00
FA00036  Pretty Kitty Kelly  words by H. Pease, music by Ed Nelson,
1920.  G  8.00
FA00037  The Alcoholic Blues (Some Blues)  words by Edward Laska, music by
Albert Vontilzer, 1919.  G  9.00
FA00038  Dardanella  by Felix Bernard and J. SBlack, words by F. Fisher,
1919.  P  5.00
FA00039  Barney Google Fox Trot, artist Debeck, song by Billy Rose and Con
spine is starting to separate, minor creases and tears, 1923.  G  35.00
FA00040  Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life  Victor Herbert's Masterpiece, signed on
cover, lyric by R. J. Young, The melody from Naughty Marietta,  1910.  F  20.00  
FA00041  Happy Birthday Song  by Fred Waring, on back cover a tribute to the
Jolly Green Giant's 20th anniversary, 1950.  VG  18.00
FA00043  Beautiful Isle of Somewhere  as sung at President William McKinley's
funeral, music by J.S. Fearis, words by J. B. Pounds, 1901.  F  12.00
FA00044  Some of These Days  'What a Song', 'Radio's Big Hit', Sophie Tucker
on cover, by Shelton Brooks, 1922.  G  11.00  
FA00045  Bye Lo  words and music by Ray Perkins, 1919.  VG  13.00  
FA00046  You're Still an Old Sweetheart of Mine  lyric by Raymond B. Egan,
music by Richard A. Whiting, 1918.  G  12.00   
FA00047  Lila  by Archie Gottler, Chas. Tobias, Maceo Pinkard,  'Banjo Buddy' on
cover, 1928.  G   12.00
FA00048  I'm Always Falling in Love (with the other Fellow's Girl)  lyric by
Irving Caesar, music by Geo. W. Meyer, 1920.  F  8.00   
FA00049  When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain  introduced by Kate Smith
'The Song Bird of the South', by H. Johnson, Harry Woods, 1931.  G  11.00
FA00050  When it's Springtime In the Rockies  featured by Hazel Warner, words
and music by Mary Hale Woolsey, Robert Sauer, Milt Taggart, 1929.  G  11.00  
FA00051  At Sundown (Love is Calling Me Home)  words and music by Walter
Donaldson, 1927.  F  12.00
FA00052  Show Me the Way to Go Home  by Irving King, tear on cover,
1925.  P   5.00
FA00053  Why Don't You Smile for Me    words and music by Robert Levenson
writer of My Little Gypsy Wanda and My Belgian Rose, 1919.  G  4.00
FA00054  I'm Waiting for To-Morrow to Come  words by Frank Davis, music by
Franklyn Hawelka and Max Prival, 1920.  VG  5.00
FA00055  Just a Girl That Men Forgot  Chung, Hwa and Three on cover, by Al.
Dubin, Fred Rath and Jos. J. Garren, 1923.  G  9.00   
FA00056  You Only Want Me When You're Lonesome  words by Louis Seifert,
music by Edwin Tillman writer of 'Lonesome and Blue', 1926.  G  4.00  
FA00057  San Antonio Rose  by Bob Wills, on cover, 1940.  G  3.00
FA00058  After You've Gone  by Creamer & Layton, 1918.  VG  9.00  
FA00059  Highways are Happy Ways (when they lead the way to home) by Larry
Shay, Harry Harris, Tommie Malie, 1927.  G  8.00
FA00060  I'd Love to Fall Asleep and Wake up in My Mammy's Arms, words
by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young, music by Fred E. Ahlert, 1920.  VG  9.00
FA00061  All by Myself  by Irving Berlin, 1921.  G  8.00
FA00062  Wyoming Lullaby (go to  sleep, my baby) by Gene Williams, 1920.
G  4.00
FA00063  Nagasaki  lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Warren, 1928.  G  3.00
FA00064  Feudin' and Fightin'  lyrics by Al Dubin, music by B. Lane, 1947.  G  
FA00065  My Sister and I  as inspired by the Best Seller by Dirk van der Heide,
music and lyrics by Hy Zaret, Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer, 1941.  VG  5.00
FA00066  For You  lyric by Al Dubin, music by Joe Burke, 1930.  G  4.00
FA00067  Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky  by Walter Donaldson,
1928.  VG  5.00
FA00068  A Shady Tree  by Walter Donaldson, 1927.  VG  4.00
FA00069  Ten Little Miles from Town  words by Gus Kahn, music by Elmer
Schoebel, 1928.  VG  5.00
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