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FA00070  Old Pal (Why Don't You Answer Me?)  words by Sam M. Lewis & Joe
Young, music by M.K. Jerome, 1920.  G  4.00
FA00071  When Day is Done  American version based on the European success
'Madonna' words by B.G. De Sylva, music by Dr. Robert Katscher, 1926.  G  8.00
FA00072  Buddha  words by Ed. Rose, music by Lew Pollack, 1919.  G  4.00
FA00073  Doll Dance  music by Nacio Herb Brown, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00074  It Made You Happy (When You Made Me Cry)  lyric and music by
Walter  Donaldson,1926.  VG  5.00
FA00075  The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart  signed cover of
Irving Berlin, 1919.  VG  18.00  
FA00076  When Mother Played the Organ (and Daddy Sang a Hymn) verse by
Dick Sanford, music by George McConnell, 1932.  G  4.00
FA00077  Just Because You're You  by Cliff Friend, 1932.  VG  3.00  
FA00078  Rose O'Day (the Filla-ga-dusha song)  by C. Tobias,  Al Lewis, 1941.  
VG  3.00
FA00079  I Hear a Rhapsody  by G. Fragos, J. Baker, Dick Gasparre, 1940.
VG  3.00
FA00080  I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest  words by Martin Block &
Mickey Stoner, music by Harold Green, 1941.  VG  3.00
FA00081  Blueberry Hill  words &music by Al Lewis, L.  Stock, V.  Rose, 1940.  
VG  3.00
FA00082  Somebody's Mother  Harry von Tilzer's most beautiful home ballad,
words by Andrew B. Sterling, 1921.  G  4.00
FA00083  My Mother's Evening Prayer  by Bud Green, Charlie Pierce and Al
Dubin, 1921.  VG+  6.00
FA00084  Till the End of Time  (based on Chopin's Polonaise) by Buddy Kaye
and Ted Mossman, 1945.  VG  5.00
FA00085  Charley My Boy  dedicated to Charley Foy, by Gus Kahn and Ted
Fiorito, 1924.  F  7.00
FA00086  Besame Mucho  (Kiss Me Much)  music and Spanish lyric by Consuelo
Velazquez, English lyric by Sunny Skylar, 1943.  VG  4.00  
FA00087  Oh, Susie Behave  by the writers of 'Oh! Johnny! Oh! words by Ed
Rose, music by Abe Olman, 1918.  G  4.00
FA00088  When the Organ Played at Twilight  by Raymond Wallace, Jimmy
Campbell, Reg Connelly, 1929.  VG  5.00
FA00089  Dreamy Melody  'The Misses Dennis' Ruth, Ann, Cherie, words and
music by Ted Koehler, Frank Magine & C. Naset, 1922.  F  4.00  
FA00090  Mary Lou  by Abe Lyman, George Waggner, J. Russel Robinson, photo
of Bobby Gregory, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00091  In a Little Gypsy Tea Room  lyric by Edgar Leslie, music by Joe
Burke, 1935.  VG  5.00
FA00092  Why Should I Cry over You  signed photo of Belle Baker, by Ned
Miller and Chester Cohn, 1922.  F  7.00
FA00093  Oh! What a Pal was Mary  words by Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar,
music by Pete Wendling, 1919.  F  7.00
FA00094  Kiss Me, My Sweetheart  by Phil Baxter, 1930.  F  3.00
FA00095  Life is a Song  (Let's Sing it Together)  Originally introduced by Frank
Palmer, lyric by Joe Young, melody by Fred Ahlert, 1935  VG  3.00
FA00096  Lights Out  by Billy Hill, photo of Lee Gordon, 1935.  G  3.00    
FA00097  One Dozen Roses  words and music by Dick Jurgens, Country
Washburn, Roger Lewis, Walter Donovan, 1942.  G  3.00
FA00098  Organ Grinder's Swing  music by Will Hudson, lyrics by Irving Mills
and Mitchell Parish,  1936.  G  8.00
FA00099  Daddy's Little Girl  featured by Dick Todd, words and music by Bobby
Burke and Horace Gerlach, 1949.  G  8.00
FA00100  It's Love, Love, Love!  words and music by Mack David, Joan
Whitney & Alex Kramer, 1943.  F  3.00
FA00101  Just a Night for Meditation  photo of Ted Claire, by Young, Lewis and
Lew Pollack, 1928.  G  4.00
FA00102  Just Because You're You That's Why I Love You  by Roy Turk and J.
Russel Robinson, 1922.  G  8.00
FA00103  Just the Same  (Oh the Whippoorwill Sings in the Sycamore) by Walter
Donaldson and Joe Burke, photo of Joe Darcy, 1927.  G  4.00
FA00104  King for a Day  lyrics by Lewis and Young, music by Ted Fiorito, photo
of Harry Richman, 1928.  G  4.00
FA00105  Mexican La Cucaracha  (the Cockroach Song) introduced by Don Pedro
and his orchestra, 1935.  G  4.00
FA00106  Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me  lyric by Gus Kahn, music by
Carmen Lombardo, 1928.  G  4.00
FA00107  Lazy Lou'siana Moon  by Walter Donaldson, 1930.  G  4.00
FA00108  Lazy Mississippi  by Ballard Macdonald and Robert Levenson, 1920.
F  4.00
FA00109  Life and Love Seem Sweeter After the Storm  by Jack Nelson, 1924.
G  4.00
FA00110  A Beautiful Lady in Blue  lyric by Sam M. Lewis, music by J. Fred
Coots, 1935.  G  4.00
FA00111  Because They All Love You  words by Tomie Malie, music by Jack
Little, 1924.  G  7.00
FA00112  Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue?  by George W. Meyer and Alfred
Bryan, 1925.  G  4.00
FA00113  Huggin' and Chalkin'  words and music by Clancy Hayes and Kermit
Goell, produced by Johnny Mercer, 1946.  G  4.00
FA00114  I Wake Up Smiling  words by Edgar Leslie, music by Fred E. Ahlert,
photo of Ethel Shutta, 1933.  G  4.00
FA00115  I Went to Your Wedding  words and music by Jessie Mae Robinson,
Patti Page on cover, 1952.  G  4.00
FA00116  If I Had You  the Prince of Wales favorite, by Ted Shapiro, Jimmy
Campbell and Reg. Connelly, 1928.  G  8.00
FA00117  Love Somebody  featuring Doris Day and Buddy Clark, by Joan
Whitney and Alex Kramer, 1948.  G  4.00
FA00118  Moonlight on the Colorado  words by Billy Moll, music by Robert A.
King, 1930.  VG  5.00
FA00119  My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time  lyrics by Mann Curtis,
music by Vic Mizzy, photo of Marion Hutton, 1944.  F  3.00