Favorites A-Z III
FA00120  If You Can't Have the Girl of Your Dreams  lyric by Joe Young, music
by Harry Warren, 1930.  G  4.00  
FA00121  If You Were the Only Girl  photo of Perry Como, lyric by Clifford
Grey, music by Nat D. Ayer, 1929.  G  4.00
FA00122  I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles  photo of June Caprice, words and music
by Jaan Ken Brovin & John William Kellette, 1919.  G  6.00
FA00123  Is She My Girl Friend  words by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager,
photo of Mark Fisher, 1927.  G  4.00
FA00124  Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses  photo of Albert
Brown, by Tommie Malie and Jimmy Steiger, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00125  Because They All Love You  words by Tommie Malie, music by Jack
Little, Deco, 1924.  G  8.00
FA00126  Chickery Chick lyrics by Sylvia Dee, music by Sidney Lippman, 1945.
G  5.00
FA00127  Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup  featured by Hildegarde, by Anna
Sosenko, 1935.  VG  4.00
FA00128  Wait for Me Mary  by Charlie Tobias, Nat Simon, Harry Tobias, 1942.  
G  4.00
FA00129  Sweethearts on Parade  words by Charles Newman, music by Carmen
Lombardo, Deco, 1928.  G  4.00
FA00130  Tears of Love  dedicated to Miss Norma Talmadge, music by S.R.
Henry, words by Frank H. Warren, 1918.  G  8.00
FA00131  Ten Pretty Girls  featured by Blue Barron, words and music by Will
Grosz and Jimmy Kennedy, 1937.  VG  4.00
FA00132  Tennessee Waltz featured by Patti Page, by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee
King 1948.  G  4.00
FA00133  That Naughty Waltz  photo of Guy Lombardo, lyric by Edwin Stanley,
music by Sol P. Levy, 1947.  G  4.00
FA00134  The Four Winds and the Seven Seas  recorded by Guy Lombardo, lyric
by Hal David, music by Don Rodney, 1949.  VG  4.00
FA00135  The Girl in the Little Green Hat  photo of Fran Frey, by Jack Scholl,
Bradford Brown and Max Rich, 1933.  G  4.00
FA00136  Powder Your Face with Sunshine  photos of Lebert, Carmen &
Lombardo, words and music by Stanley Rochinski, 1948.  G  4.00
FA00137  Somebody Loves You  photo of Vincent Lopez, words by Charles
Tobias, music by Peter de Rose, 1932.  G  4.00
FA00138  I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen  photo Mark Fisher, words and
music by Thomas P. Westendorf, 1935.  G  4.00
FA00139  I'll Walk Alone  featured by Dinah Shore, lyric by Sammy Cahn, music
by Jule Styne, 1944.  G  4.00
FA00140  I'm Alone Because I Love You  featured and signed by Belle Baker,
words and music by Joe Young and John Siras, 1930.  VG  8.00
FA00141  I'm Thru With Love  photo and signed by Paul Whiteman, words by Gus
Kahn, music by Matt Malneck, 1931.  G  4.00
FA00142  Memories of the South  by Rudolf Thaler, Black Americana, 10pp.,
1908.  VG  15.00
FA00143  Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered)  music by Richard Rodgers, lyric
by Lorenz Hart, 1941.  G  4.00
FA00144  Do You Ever Think of Me  lyric by Harry D. Kerr & John Cooper,
music by Earl Burtnett, 1920.  G  4.00
FA00145  Rose Dreams  poem by J. R. Shannon, music by A.J. Stasny, 8pp., 1918.
VG  8.00  
FA00146  The Shifting, Whispering Sands  photo of Billy Vaughn, words by V.C.
Gilbert, music by Mary M. Hadler, 1950.  G  4.00
FA00147  The Little Old Church in the Valley  by Gus Kahn, Gene Arnold &
Egbert van Alstyne, 1931.  G  4.00
FA00148  Three on a Match  featured by Ted Fiorito, words by Raymond B. Egan,
1932.  VG  4.00
FA00149  Smiles  words by J. Will Callahan, music by Lee S. Roberts, 1918.
G  4.00
FA00150  Slow Poke  words and music by Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart & Chilton
Price, signed by Pee Wee and Redd, 1951.  VG  4.00
FA00151  Sleepy Head  introduced by Paul Ash, by Benny Davis and Jesse Greer,
pencil notes inside, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00152  Sing Me a Baby Song  words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donalson,
'A Wide Awake Fox Trot Song!' 1927.  G  4.00
FA00153  Serenade of the Bells  words and music by Kay Twomey, Al Goodhart,
& Al Urbano, 1947.  VG  4.00
FA00154  The Gypsy  words and music by Billy Reid, 1946.  VG  4.00
FA00155  Plantation Lullaby  A Southern Ballad, words and music by Vernon
Stevens, Gladys Gillette & Albert Holmer,
pencil notes, 1921.  F  4.00
FA00156  I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire  photo of Tommy Tucker, words
and music by Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjemen, 1941.  G  4.00
FA00157  The Honey Song (Honey, I'm in Love with You)  recorded by Louise
Massey, words and music by Arbie Gibson and Curt Massey, 1942.  F  4.00
FA00158  Gonna Build a Big Fence Around Texas  featured by George Olsen, by
Cliff Friend and Katherine Phillips,
cigarette burn, 1944.  F  4.00
FA00159  The Morningside of the Mountain  words and music by Dick Manning
and Larry Stock, 1951.  F  4.00
FA00160  Tweedlee Dee  signed photo of Georgia Gibbs, words and music by
Winfield Scott, 1954.  G  4.00
FA00161  Johnson Rag  photo of Guy Lombardo, lyric by Jack Lawrence, music by
Guy Hall and Henry Kleinkauf, 1945.  F  4.00
FA00162  My Adobe Hacienda  photo of the Honey Dreamers, words and music
by Louise Massey and Lee Penny, 1941.  G  4.00
FA00163  A Bluebird Singing in My Heart  words by Sammy Gallop, music by
Michel Emer, 1948.  VG  4.00
FA00164  Play to Me, Gypsy (The Song I Love) English version by Jimmy
Kennedy, music by Karel Vacek,
pencil notes, 1934.  G  4.00
FA00165  Please, Mr. Sun  featured by Johnnie Ray, lyric by Sid Frank, music by
Ray Getzov, 1951.  VG  4.00
FA00166  Waitin' for the Train to Come in  introduced by Jo Stafford and Johnnie
Johnston, by Sunny Skylar and Martin Block, 1945.  VG  4.00
FA00167  Paper Doll  introduced by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, by
Johnny Black, 1943.  G  4.00
FA00168  Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) sign photo of Perry Como, words and
music by Al Hoffman & Dick Manning, 1956.  VG  4.00
FA00169  Blue Baby (Why are You Blue?) featured by George Olsen, by Raymond
Klages, Grace Green & William Haid, 1927.  G  4.00
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