Favorites A-Z IV
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FA00170  Chicago (That Todd'ling Town)  featured by Brooke Johns 'Societie's
Favorite', by Fred Fisher, 1922.  G  4.00
FA00171  Don't Mind the Rain  featured by Morty Livingston, words and music by
Ned Miller and Chester Cohn, 1924.  F  4.00
FA00172  Swanee River Moon  a Waltz Song,  words and music by H. Pitman
Clarke, 1921.  VG  4.00
FA00173  It's Never too Late to be Sorry  photo of Marguerite Snow, words by
J.E. Dempsey, music by Jos. A. Burke, 1918.  F  4.00
FA00174  I'd Give a Million Tomorrows (for Just One Yesterday) featured by
Arthur Godfrey, lyric by Milton Berle, music by Jerry Livingston, 1948.  VG  4.00
FA00175  Let the Rest of the World go by  lyric by J. Keirn Brennan, music by
Ernest R. Ball, 1919.  G  4.00
FA00176  How High the Moon  recorded by Les Paul and Mary Ford, words by
Nancy Hamilton, music by Morgan Lewis, 1940.  G  4.00
FA00177  Who's Sorry Now  featured by Chas. Crafts & Jack Haley, lyric by Bert
Kalmar & Harry Ruby, music by Ted Snyder, 1923. G  4.00
FA00178  My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn't Say Where-When-or Why) by Roy
Turk and Lou Handman, 1923.  VG  4.00
FA00179  June Night (Give Me a June Night, the Moonlight and You) photo of
Morton Downey, music by Abel Baer, words by Cliff Friend, 1924.  VG  4.00
FA00180  (I'll be With You in) Apple Blossom Time  lyric by Neville Fleeson,
melody by Albert von Tilzer, 1920.  G  4.00
FA00181  Seems Like Old Times  photo of The Lombardos, words and music by
Carmen Lombardo & John Jacob Loeb, 1946.  G  4.00
FA00182  (I'm Looking over) A Four Leaf Clover  featured by Larry Fotine, lyric
by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Woods, 1927.  F  4.00
FA00183  Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!  photo of Bonnie Baker, words by Ed.
Rose, music by A. Olman, 1917.  G  4.00
FA00184  A Little Bit Independent  featured by Eddie Duchin, lyric by Edgar
Leslie, music by Joe Burke, 1935.  G  4.00
FA00185  Rumors are Flying  photo of Perry Como, words and music by Bennie
Benjamin and George Weiss, 1946.  VG  4.00
FA00186  Some little Bird  words and music by Haven Gillespie, Lindsey McPhail
& Egbert van Alstyne, 1920.  G  4.00
FA00187  Listening  words by Harry Harris and Tony Bell, music by Joe Solman,
1921.  VG  4.00
FA00188  Love Somebody  featured by Doris Day and Buddy Clark, by Joan
Whitney and Alex Kramer, 1948.  VG  4.00
FA00189  Little Sir Echo  featured by Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights,
original version by Laura R. Smith and J.S. Fearis, 1939.  VG  4.00
FA00190  (Underneath the ) Mellow Moon  by Wendell W. Hall, 1922.  G  4.00
FA00191  Wandering Home  words and music by L. Clair Case and Leonard
Stevens, 1920.  G  4.00
FA00192  It Started all over Again  words by Bill Carey, music by Carl Fischer,
1942.  VG  4.00
FA00193  I double dare You  photo of Jerry Freeman, by Terry Shand and Jimmy
Eaton, 1937.  G  4.00
FA00194  And so to Sleep Again  photo of Patti Page, words and music by Joe
Marsala and Sunny Skylar, 1951.  G  4.00
FA00195  Be Anything (but be Mine)  photo of Helen O'Connell, by Irving
Gordon, 1952.  G  4.00  
FA00196  Hearthaches  photo of Eddy Howard, words by John Klenner, music by
Al Hoffman, 1942.  G  4.00
FA00197  Moments to Remember  recorded by The Four Lads, lyric by Al
Stillman, music by Robert Allen, 1955.  VG  4.00
FA00198  The Whispering Waltz  featured by Sidney Lipton, words by Stanley J.
Damerell, music by Tolchard Evans, 1938.  F  4.00
FA00199  Yesterday  'Gene Austin's Greatest Success', words by Charlie
Harrison, music by Monte Wilhite, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00200  In a Little Garden (You made Paradise) words by Earl Whittemore,
music by Felice S. Iula, 1926.  F  4.00
FA00201  How Many Times?  by Irving Berlin, 1926.  G  4.00
FA00202  I Never Had a Chance  by Irving Berlin, 1934.  G  4.00
FA00203  All My Love  French title 'Bolero' recorded by Patti Page, words by
Mitchell Parish, music by Paul Durand, 1950.  VG  4.00
FA00204  Once in a While  featured by Tommy Dorsey, words by Bud Green,
music by Michael Edwards,
crease, 1937.  F  4.00   
FA00205  Prisoner of Love  recorded by Perry Como, words and music by Leo
Robin, Clarence Gaskill & Russ Columbo, 1931.  VG  4.00
FA00206  Blue Skies  by Irving Berlin, 1927.  G  4.00
FA00207  Green Eyes  featured by Jimmy Dorsey, Spanish lyric by Adolfo Utrera,
music by Nilo Menendez,  1941.  G  4.00
FA00208  I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean  introduced by Kate Smith March 6, 1942,
by Irving Berlin.  G  4.00
FA00209  Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside),  lyrics by Ben Raleigh,
music by Bernie Wayne, 1946.  G  4.00
FA00210  It's a Sin to Tell a Lie  photo of Connie Gates, by Billy Mayhew,
doodling, 1936.  G  4.00
FA00211  You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming  introduced by Guy Lombardo,
words and music by Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin, 1937.  VG  4.00
FA00212  Avalon Town  lyric by Grant Clark, music by Herb Brown (writer of
'Doll Dance'), 1928.  G  4.00
FA00213  Blue Orchids  by Hoagy Carmichael, 1939.  VG  4.00
FA00214  Blue Bird of Happiness  featured by Art Mooney, words by Edward
Heyman & Harry Parr Davies, music by Sandor Harmati, 1940.  VG  4.00
FA00215  Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight)  featured by Shep Fields,
lyric by Johnny Mercer, music by Bernie Hanighen, 1937.  VG  4.00
FA00216  Sing Me a Baby Song  words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson,
1927.  G  4.00
FA00217  Funny  a Waltz song by Larry Yoell, music by Frank Anderson, 1925.
G  4.00
FA00218  Can You Bring Back the Heart I Gave You  words by William R.
Clay, music by Chas. L. Johnson, 1924.  G  4.00
FA00219  Just a Memory  words by B.G. de Silva, music by Ray Henderson,
1927.  G  4.00