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FA00220  Make Love to Me  photo of Jo Stafford, lyrics by Bill Norvas, music by
Leon Roppolo, Paul Mares, Benny Pollack, George Brunies, 1953.  VG  4.00  
FA00221  Maybe You'll be There  photo of Gordon Jenkins, lyric by Sammy
Gallop, music by Rube Bloom, 1947.  VG  4.00
FA00222  Roam on (Little Gypsy Sweetheart)  featured by Jack Irving,  by Francis
Wheeler, Irving Kahal & Ted Snyder, 1927.  G  4.00
FA00223  A Boy in Khaki - A Girl in Lace  lyric by Charles Newman, music by
Allie Wrubel, 1942.  G  4.00
FA00224  Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart  successfully recorded by Vera Lynn,
lyric by John Sexton and John Turner, music by Eberhard Storch, 1951.  VG.  4.00
FA00225  You Went Away Too Far and Stayed Away Too Long  featured by
Jerry Eby, words by Alfred Bryan, music by James Monaco,
stains, 1926.  F  3.00
FA00226  You Can Take Me Away From Dixie (But You Can't Take Dixie From
Me)  words and music by Roger Lewis and Fred Rose, 1923.  G  4.00
FA00227  Neath the Silv'ry Moon  introduced by Arthur Jarrett, 'America's Song
Stylist', words and music by Cliff Friend, 1932.  VG  4.00
FA00228  Hi Ho the Merrio  (as Long as She Loves Me)  featured by Jeanne
LaCrosse, lyric by Lew Brown, music by Con Conrad,
tape, 1926.  F  3.00
FA00229  Here Am I - Broken Hearted  by B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown, and Ray
Henderson, 1927.  G  4.00
FA00230  Hands Across the Table  featured by Lucienne Boyer, lyrics by Mitchell
Parish, music by Jean Delettre,
pencil notes, 1934.  G  4.00
FA00231  Honeymoon  lyric by Ray Sherwood, melody by Victor Arden, 1919.
F  3.00
FA00232  Estrellita  (Petit Astre - Little Star)  by Manuel M. Ponce, French lyrics
by Madam M. Cebron Norbens, 1929.  VG  4.00
FA00233  The Creaking Old Mill  on the Creek  introduced and featured by
Sammy Kaye, by Al Lewis, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose, 1940.  G  4.00
FA00234  Christofo Columbo  (Thought the World was Round - O)  'The popular
version of an old sea chantey!'  introduced by Leo Fitzpatrick,  1924.  F  4.00
FA00235  'Round Evening  lyrics by George Whiting, music by Herbert Steiner
and J. Fred Coots,  1928.  G  4.00
FA00237  Hello Bluebird  by Cliff Friend,  1926.  F  4.00
FA00238  Dreamy Melody  featuring Art Landry and his orchestra, words and
music by Ted Koehler, Frank Magine and C. Naset,  1922. VG  4.00
FA00239  Sunday  words and music by Ned Miller, Chester Cohn, Jules Stein and
Bennie Krueger,
pencil notes,  1926.  F  3.00  
FA00240  Tonight We Love  adapted from Tschaikowsky concerto, featured by
Freddy Martin, lyric by Bobby Worth,  1941.  F  3.00
FA00241  Someday Sweetheart  by John C. Spikes,  1922.  G  4.00
FA00242  The Starlit Hour  featured by Erwin Kent, music by Peter Rose, lyric by
Mitchell Parish,  1939.  G  4.00
FA00243  Sweet Violets  as recorded by Dinah Shore, by Cy Coben and Charles
pencil notes,  1941.  VG  4.00
FA00244  I'm in Love Again as featured by April Stevens & Henri Rene, words
and music by Cole Porter, 1925.  VG  4.00
FA00245  I Love You so Much it Hurts  photo of the Mills Brothers, words and
music by Floyd Tillman,  1948.  VG  4.00
FA00246  Sunflower  words and music by Mack David,  1948.  VG  4.00
FA00247  Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes  photo of Evelyn Knight, by
Oakley Haldeman, Al Trace and Jimmy Lee,  1948.  VG  4.00
FA00248  You Alone (Solo Tu)  photo of Perry Como, words by Al Stillman,
music by Robert Allen,  1953.  G  3.00
FA00249  Open the Door , Richard!  words by 'Dusty' Fletcher, John Mason,
music by Jack McVea, Dan Howell,
crease,  1947.  G  3.00  
FA00250  Bonnie Blue Gal  lyric by William Engvick, music by Jessie
Cavanaugh,  photo of Mitch Miller,  1955.  VG  4.00
FA00251  Anema E Core  recorded by Eddie Fisher with Hugo Winterhalter,
words by Mann Curtis & Harry Akst, music by Salve d'Esposito,  1954.  VG  4.00