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This is music typically from before 1920 (although
some examples of large format sheets from later dates
do exist) and is approximately 10" by 13" in size with up
to 1/2" to 1"  size variations in either direction.
LF00001  A Girl at the Helm  from the musical by Mort H. Singer, book & lyrics
by Robert B. Smith, music by Raymond Hubbell,
hard to find,  1908.  F  20.00
LF00002  Play That Barber Shop Chord  featured by Bert Williams, words by
Wm. Tracey, music by Lewis F. Muir,  1910.  F  5.00
LF00003  Alma  from Joe Weber's musical 'Alma Where do You Live?', English
version by Geo. V. Hobart, music by Jean Briquet,  1910.  F  8.00
LF00004  When I Woke up this Morning  Madame Sherry's new song hit,  written
by Jimmie V. Monaco, introduced by Elizabeth Murray,  1911.  G  6.00
LF00005  You Can't Expect Kisses from Me  photo of Carita Day, words by
Roger Lewis, music by Rubey Cowan,  1911.  G  8.00
LF00006  Take Me Back to the Garden of Love  dedication to Miss Mabel
McKinley,  words by E. Ray Goetz, music by Nat Osborne,  1911.  F  12.00
LF00007  Gee, I Like the Music with My Meals  words by Seymour Brown,
music by Nat. D. Ayer,  as sung by William Burress,
hard to find,  1911.  F  20.00
LF00008  I'm the Guy  'Comic Song'  ravings by Rube Goldberg, noise by Bert
spine has separated,  1912.  G  23.00
LF00009  Oh! What a Beautiful Dream (You Seem)  words by Dave Oppenheim,
music by Joe Cooper,
hard to find,  spine has separated,  1912.  F  20.00
LF00010  I Never Heard of Anybody Dying from a Kiss (Did You?)  words by
Andrew Sterling, music by Harry von Tilzer,
hard to find,  1913.  F  20.00
LF00011  Floating Down the River (Cause it's Moonlight now in Dixie)  
intoduced by Curtis & Wright, by Roger Lewis & James White,  1913.  G  13.00  
LF00012  Dimples  written for and sung by Miss Irene Franklin, words by Edward
Madden, music by P. Wenrich,
spine has separated, hard to find, 1913.  F  20.00  
LF00013  Melinda's Wedding Day  'That New Idea Rag Hit'  words by Joe
McCarthy & Joe Goodwin, music by Al. Piantadosi,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00014  I'm Crying Just for You  words by Joe McCarthy, music by James V.
Monaco,  1913.  G  5.00
LF00015  The Good Ship Mary Ann  photo of the Griswold Trio,  words by Gus
Kahn, music by Grace Le Boy,  1914.  F  12.00
LF00016  In My Dream of You  A. M. Woods presents 'The Crinoline Girl' with
Julian Eltinge, music by Percy Wenrich,
hard to find,  1914.  F  20.00  
LF00017  Mary, You're a Little Bit Old-Fashioned  words by Marion Sunshine,
music by Henry I. Marshall, sung by Cross & Josephine,  1914.  F  5.00
LF00018  There's a Little Spark of Love Still Burning  introduced by Miss Kitty
Gordon, lyric by Joe McCarthy, music by Fred Fischer,  1914.  F  8.00
LF00019  The Small Town Sweetheart of a Small Town Girl  lyric by Gus Kahn,
music by Richard Whiting,
spine has separated, hard to find,  1914.  G  40.00    
LF00020  When You're a Long, Long Way From Home  words by Sam. M.
Lewis, music by Geo. W. Meyer,  1914.  F  12.00
LF00021  When I Discovered You  from the musical comedy 'Watch Your Step',
lyrics and music by Irving Berlin, book by Harry B. Smith,  1914.  F  20.00
LF00022  Back to the Carolina You Love  photo of Val Harris & Jack Manion,
words by Grant Clarke, music by Jean Schwartz,  1914.  G  5.00
LF00023  Some Sort of Somebody  from the musical 'Very Good Eddie', book by
Philip Bartholomae & Guy Bolton, words by Herbert Reynolds,  1915.  G  8.00    
LF00024  In Blinky Winky Chinky Chinatown  words by Wm. Jerome, music by
Jean Schwartz,  'writers of Chinatown My Chinatown',  1915.  F  5.00
LF00025  My Little Girl  words by Sam M. Lewis & Will Dillon, music by Albert
von Tilzer,
spine has separated,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00026  Hello, Frisco!  from F. Ziegfeld Jr.'s 'Ziegfeld Follies 1915', lyrics by
Gene Buck, music by Louis A. Hirsch,  1915.  G  16.00
LF00027  I'm Looking for Some-one's Heart  Winter Garden's prod. of 'Maid in
America', by Harold Atteridge & S. Romberg,
hard to find,  1915.  F  20.00  
LF00028  I'm a Lonesome Melody  photo of Claire Rochester, words by Joe
Young, music by Geo. W. Meyer,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00029  Virginia Lee  words by Jeff. Branen, music by Arthur Lange,  1915
G  8.00
LF00030  We'll Have a Jubilee in My Old Kentucky Home  photo of Kitty
Keeten, lyrics by Coleman Goetz, music by Walter Donaldson,  1915.  F  8.00
LF00031  The Magic Melody  F. Ray Comstock presents 'Nobody Home', book by
Guv Bolton, music by Jerome Kern,  1915.  G  5.00
LF00032  Hong Kong  'The Chinese Love Song', words by Richard W. Pascoe,
music by Hans Von Holstein & Alma M. Sanders,  1917.  G  8.00
LF00033  Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula  introduced by Al Jolson, by E. Ray Goetz,
Joe Young & Pete Wendling,  1916.  F  12.00
LF00034  She is the Sunshine of Virginia  words by Ballard MacDonald, music
by Harry Carroll,  1916.  G  8.00
LF00035  My Dreamy China Lady  lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Egbert Van
Alstyne,  1916.  G  8.00
LF00036  Put on Your Slippers and Fill up Your Pipe (You're not Going Bye-Bye
Tonight)  by Ed P. Moran & Will A. Heelan,
hard to find,  1916.  G  20.00
LF00037  It's a Cute Little Way of My Own  starring Anna Held in 'Follow Me',
lyric by Alfred Bryan, music by Harry Tierney,
hard to find,  1916.  G  20.00
LF00038  I Can Dance with Everybody but My Wife introduced by Joseph
Cawthorn, words and music by John L. Golden,  1915.  F  8.00   
LF00039  Poor Butterfly  from 'The Big Show' at the Hippodrome,  staged by R.
H. Burnside, lyrics by John L. Golden, music by Raymond Hubbell,  1916.  F  8.00
LF00040  I've Got Everything I Want but You  sung by Marion Sunshine in
'When Claudia Smiles', music by Henry I. Marshall,  1913.  F  8.00
LF00041  When Those Sweet Hawaiian Babies Roll Their Eyes  photo of Tom
Nip, words by Edgar Leslie, music by Harry Ruby,  1917.  F  8.00  
LF00042  Joan of Arc They are Calling You  words by Alfred Bryan & Willie
Weston, music by Jack Wells,  1917.  G  8.00
LF00043  Long Boy  WWI,  words by William Herschell, music by Barclay
Walker, scenery by Gaar Williams,  1917.  G  18.00
LF00044  Hawaiian Butterfly  photo of Florence Timponi, words by George A.
Little, music by Billy Baskette & Joseph Santly,  1917.  G  8.00
LF00045  Sweet Emalina, My Gal  by Creamer & Layton,  1917.  F  8.00
LF00046  Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land  WWI,  photo of Harry
Cooper, by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young & Jean Schwartz,  1918.  F  12.00
LF00047  When We Meet in the Sweet Bye and Bye  WWI,  words and music by
Stanley Murphy,  1918.  G  8.00
LF00048  That Soothing Serenade was Just Written for Me  photo of May
Allison & Niles Welch,  by Harry de Costa,  1918.  G  8.00
LF00049  Good Bye America  from the 'Great Lakes Revue'  WWI,  written by
David M. Wolff, music by James O'Keefe, U.S.N.
hard to find,  1918.  G  20.00  
LF00050  In the Summertime  words by Harry Williams, music by Albert
hard to find,  1911.  G  20.00  
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