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Large Format II

This is music typically from before 1920 (although
some examples of large format sheets from later dates
do exist) and is approximately 10" by 13" in size with up
to 1/2" to 1"  size variations in either direction.
LF00051  California and You  photo of Steiner & Swayne, words by Edgar Leslie,
music by Harry Puck,  1914.  G  8.00    
LF00052  One O Clock in the Morning I get Lonesome  photo of Brown and
Newman, by Berlin & Snyder,
hard to find,  1911.  G  20.00  
LF00053  Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares  by Chas. K. Harris,  1909.  F  8.00
LF00054  Kathleen Dearest Kathleen  'An Irish Love Song & Chorus', words and
music by Herbert N. Ewing,  1912.  G  5.00
LF00055  'Neath the Old Cherry Tree Sweet Marie  photo of Harry A. Ellis,
ballad by Williams & Van Alstyne,  1907.  F  5.00
LF00056  In the Shadow of the Carolina Hills  words by Beth Slater Whitson,
music by Leo Friedman,
hard to find,  1907.  G  20.00
LF00057  I'm Just Pinin' for You  photo of and by Williams & Van Alstyne,  
1910.  G  8.00
LF00058  I Want Somebody to Play with  song by Williams & Van Alstyne,
writers of  'There Never was a Girl Like You',  1909.  F  18.00   
LF00059  Maybe You're not the only One Who Loves Me  words by Alfred
Bryan, music by George Botsford,  1910.  F  5.00
LF00060  He's on a Boat that Sailed Last Wednesday  beautiful photo of the
R.M.S Mauretania, by Joe Goodwin & Lew Brown  1913.  G  30.00
LF00061  The Rose of the Mountain Trail  photo of D'Armana & Carter,  by Jack
Caddigan & Jas. A. Brennan,  1914.  VG  10.00
LF00062  I Won't be Back till August  words by Alfred Bryan, music by Albert
Gumble,  1910.  F  4.00
LF00063  The Vale of Dreams  lyrics by Chas. E. Baer, music by Johann C.
Schmid,  1910.  F  4.00
LF00064  That's Love with a Capital L.  from Richard Carle's  'The Doll Girl',
by Harry B. Smith & Jerome D. Kern,
hard to find,  1913.  VG  20.00  
LF00065  Violet  from Charles Dillingham's musical 'Chin-Chin', book by Anne
Caldwell, music by Ivan Caryll
Caryll's signature, hard to find 1914.  F  20.00      
LF00066  If You Don't Want Me (Why do You Hang Around)  as sung by Clark &
Bergman in 'Trained Nurses', words and music by Irving Berlin,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00067  I Wonder if You're Lonely from Shubert's 'The Girl and the Wizard'
with Sam Bernard, by Robert B. Smith & Julian Edwards,  1909.  F  8.00
LF00068  Baby Rose  photo of Lee White & Geo. Perry, words by Louis Weslyn,
music by George Christie,  1911.  F  8.00
LF00069  Mary, I Love You  photo of Winifred Green, words by Archie Fletcher,
music by Harry McNamara,  1911.  F  8.00
LF00070  Life isn't all Roses Rosie (Each Little Rose has it's Thorn)  photo of
Vaughn Comfort, words by Alfred Bryan, music by Seymour Furth,  1911.  F  4.00
LF00071  Winter  a 'March Song',  words by Alfred Bryan, music by Albert
Gumble, 1910.  F  4.00
LF00072  The Story of a Rose  words and music by Lem Trombley, composer of
'Why Don't You Smile',  1912.  F  4.00
LF00073  She's the Daughter of Mother Machree  words by Jeff T. Nenarb,
music by Ernest R. Ball,  1915.  F  8.00
LF00074  Here's a Rose for You  photo of 'Happy' Thompson, words by Al
Dubin, music by Geo. B. McConnell,  1914.  G  5.00
LF00075  The Mill, the Stream, You and I  words and music by O.L. Knight,
originally introduced in Vaudeville by Knight & Deyer,
rare,  1912.  G  50.00  
LF00076  Just a Dream of You Dear  words by Chas. F. McNamara, music by F.
Henri Klickmann,  1912.  G  5.00
LF00077  I'm Going to do What I Please  photo of Arthur Adamini, words by
Alfred Bryan, music by Ted Snyder,  1909.  F  8.00
LF00078  When You Know You're not Forgotten by the Girl You can't Forget  
music by Fred Helf, words by Ed Gardenier,  1906.  F  4.00
LF00079  Mother (a word that means the world to me)  photo of George
MacFarlane, words by Howard Johnson, music by Theodore Morse,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00080  My Georgiana Lou  words and music by Thos. S. Allen,  1911.  F  5.00
LF00081  Way Down on Tampa Bay  lyric by A. Seymour Brown, music by
Egbert Van Alstyne,  1914.  G  8.00
LF00082  You may be the World to a World of Friends but You're More Than the
World to Me  
words and music by Jeff Branen and Alfred Solman,  1914.  F  4.00
LF00083  Some of These Days  photo of Irene Howley, words and music by
Shelton Brooks,  1910.  F  8.00
LF00084  Ain't You Coming back to Old New Hampshire Molly  photo of Thos.
W. Huston, words by Robert F. Roden, music by J. Fred Helf,  1906.  F  8.00
LF00085  The Land of Love  from Shubert's 'The Girl and the Wizard' with Sam
Bernard, by Robert B. Smith & Julian Edwards,  1909.  G  8.00  
LF00086  All Join in the Chorus  'With a Hip! Hip! Hooray!'  photo of Eddie
Cassady, by Arthur Longbrake & Ed. Edwards,
hard to find,  1910.  G  20.00  
LF00087  The Violin My Great Grand-Daddy Made  photo of Fred Sosman,
words by Roger Lewis music by Ernie Erdman,  1914.  G  8.00
LF00088  Just Try to Picture Me Back Home in Tennessee  photo of Al. Jolson,
words by Wm. Jerome, music by Walter Donaldson,  1915.  G  10.00
LF00089  I'm Going back to Kentucky Sue  photo of Ruby Norton & Sammy Lee,
words by Lew Brown, music by Albert Von Tilzer,  1912.  G  8.00
LF00090  Under Southern Skies  photo of Ben Smith, words by Joe. Goodwin,
music by Charles A. Bayha,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00091  Fogarty  Liebler & Co. present Miss Mabel Hite in the musical 'A
Certain Party', by Edgar Smith & Robert Bowers,
hard to find,  1911.  G  20.00  
LF00092  Take Me to That Swanee Shore  featured in Gertrude Hoffman's
'Broadway to Paris', photo of George Austin Moore, 1912.  G  5.00
LF00093  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm  as sung by Miss Jos'e Collins in the
Ziegfeld Follies, by A. Seymour Brown & Albert Gumble,  1914.  G  8.00
LF00094  Love's Song at Twilight  words by C.M. Denison, music by E.
Frederick Dusenberry,  1913.  F  5.00
LF00095  When I Want to Settle Down  as introduced in the Winter Garden
success 'The Passing Show of 1913', words by Harold Atteridge,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00096  I've Lost My Gal  song by Williams & Van Alstyne,  1909.  F  5.00
LF00097  We're Going Over  by Andrew B. Sterling, Bernie Grossman & Arthur
WWI,  1917.  F  18.00
LF00098  When You Live and You Love and You Lose  by Dubin & Gormack,
hard to find,  1915.  F  20.00  
LF00099  When I was a Dreamer (and You were My Dream)  words by Roger
Lewis & Geo. A. Little, music by Egbert Van Alstyne,  1914.  F  8.00
LF00100  My Old Town  from Shubert's production 'Round the World'  book by
Arthur Voegtlin & Carroll Fleming, lyrics by Manuel Klein,  1911.  G  5.00
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