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Large Format III

This is music typically from before 1920 (although
some examples of large format sheets from later dates
do exist) and is approximately 10" by 13" in size with up
to 1/2" to 1"  size variations in either direction.
LF00101  Gee, Ain't I Glad I'm Home  from the musical play 'Talk of New York'
by Cohan & Harris, photo of Victor Moore,  1907.  G  8.00
LF00102  Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay  lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Egbert
Van Alstyne,  1917.  G  5.00
LF00103  Could the Dreams of a Dreamer come True  photo of Jimmy Borardi,
words by Jeff Branen, music by Arthur Lange,  1915.  F  8.00
LF00104  Roses of Lorraine  words by Sidney Carter, music by Walter Smith,
WWI,  1918.  G  8.00
LF00105  The Flower Garden Ball  from Fredrick McKay's production 'When
Claudia Smiles' photo of Blanch Ring, music by Jean Schwartz,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00106  Down Where the Swanee River Flows  photo of Mildred Stoller,
words by Andrew B. Sterling, music by Harry Von Tilzer,  1903.  F  5.00  
LF00107  Corona March  dedicated 'To the Eminent Soprano Wilmina Hammann',
by Abbie A. Ford,  1911.  G  10.00   
LF00108  Along the Rocky Road to Dublin  successfully introduced by Blanche
Ring, by Bert Grant & Joe Young,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00109  Araby  successfully introduced by Renie Davies, by Irving Berlin,  
1915.  F  10.00
LF00110  There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland (With a Heart that Belongs to
Me), words by Ballard MacDonald, music by Harry Carroll,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00111  Three Twins  Chas. Dickson's musical adaptation of the comedy 'Incog',
music by Karl L. Hoschna, lyrics by O.A. Hauerbach,  1908.  F  5.00
LF00112  I'm Sorry I Made You Cry 'Belle Baker's Newest Song Sensation'  
photo of Jack King, words and music by N.J. Clesi,  1916.  F  6.00
LF00113  Blue Bell  March Song and Chorus, photo of Fannie Donovan, words by
Edward Madden, music by Theodore F. Morse,  1904.  G  8.00
LF00114  When it's Apple Blossom Time in Normandie  photo of Victoria
Murray, witten and composed by Mellor Gifford & Trevor,  1912.  F  4.00
LF00115  Double Double Dare You  from Jake Sternad's 'Napanees', written by
Harry W. Fields & Will J. Harris,
hard to find,  1908.  F  20.00
LF00116  Don't You Wish You were back Home Again?  words and music by
Chas. K. Harris, photo of  Freeman & Dunham,  1913.  F  18.00
LF00117  Everybody Rag with Me  lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Grace le Boy,  
1914.  F  12.00
LF00118  Laughing Water  Characteristic for Piano, by Frederick W. Hager,
Indian, 1903.  G  18.00
LF00119  Smiles  words by J. Will Callahan, music by Lee S. Roberts, 1918.  
F  3.00
LF00120  A Bird in a Gilded Cage  photo of Frank Standish, words by Arthur J.
Lamb, music by Harry Von Tilzer,  1900.  F  3.00
LF00121  Moonlight Bay  words by Edward Madden, music by Percy Wenrich,  
1912.  F  6.00
LF00122  Dear Old Dear  words by John Hazzard, music by Benjamin Hapgood
Burt,   1908.  F  5.00
LF00123  It's Nice to be Nice (To a Nice Little Girl Like You)  photo of Eddie
Cassady,  words by Will. A. Heelan, music by Seymour Furth,  1911.  G  18.00
LF00124  I'm Hearin' from Erin  (and Mother o' Mine)  by L. Wolfe Gilbert and
Anatol Friedland,
Irish,  1917.  G  4.00
LF00125  Sit Still Bill  (I'm Going to Take Your Picture)  words by Arthur J. Lamb,
music by Seymour Furth,
hard to find,  1911.  F  20.00   
LF00126  Gee, But it's Great to Meet a Friend from Your Home Town  words
by Wm. Tracey, music by Jas. McGavisk,  1910.  F  6.00  
LF00127  I'm Called Little Buttercup  from the opera 'H.M.S. Pinafore' words
and music by Arthur Sullivan,  1908.  G  12.00
LF00128  Norway (The Land of the Midnight Sun)  photo of Kitty Gordon, by Joe
McCarthy and Fred. Fisher,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00129  All Alone  'Harry Von Tilzer's Great Telephone Song', words by Will.
Dillon, 1911.  G  12.00
LF00130  Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes  photo of Mme. Adelina Patti's,
words and music by Chas. K. Harris,  1904.  F  8.00
LF00131  If a Girl Like You Loved a Boy Like Me  photo of Lillian Russell,
lyics and music by Cobb & Edwards,
stains, 1905.  F  6.00
LF00132  (The Song That I Heard in my Childhood) That's the Song of Songs for
words by Joe Goodwin, music by Nat Osborne,  1915.  F  6.00
LF00133  Kentucky Days  words by Jack Mahoney, music by Percy Wenrich,  
1912.  G  4.00
LF00134  I've Taken Quite a Fancy to You  photo of Fentelle & Carr, words by
Edward Madden, music by Theodore Morse,  1908.  F  8.00
LF00135  Since I Fell in Love with Mary  introduced by Frank Fogarty 'The
Dublin Minstrel', by William Cahill,
hard to find,  1910.  F  12.00  
LF00136  Oh, You Wonderful Girl  from Geo.M. Cohan's 'The Little Millionaire',
direction of Cohan & Harris,  1911.  F  6.00
LF00137  Tho' I'm Not the First to Call You Sweetheart (Please Let Me be the
Last)  words and music by Bernie Grossman & Arthur Lange,  1916.  G  8.00
LF00138  Anchored  words by Samuel K. Cowan, music by Michael Watson,
DeLuxe edition, hard to find, 8pp.,  1909-1912.  G  20.00  
LF00139  Clover Blossoms  words & music by Floyd Thompson,  1906.  G  8.00
LF00140  I'm Not That Kind of Girl  photo of Alice Hegeman, lyric by A.
Seymour Brown, music by Nat. D. Ayer,  1909.  F  6.00
LF00141  In Old Madrid words by Clifton Bingham, music by H. Trotere, Edition
De Luxe,  
1909?  G  8.00
LF00142  I May be Gone for a Long, Long Time  Grace La Rue's success in the
musical 'Hitchy-Koo', by Lew Brown & Albert Von Tilzer,  1917.  G  12.00
LF00143  Meet Me Where the Lanterns Glow  'A Trip to Japan' at the New
York  Hippodrome, by Manuel Klein.  1909.  F  8.00
LF00144  (Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains) Piney Ridge  words by
Ballard MacDonald, music by Halsey K. Mohr,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00145  My Cousin Caruso  original drawing by Enrico Caruso, lyric by
Edward Madden, music by Gus Edwards,  1909.  G  35.00
LF00146  Under the Georgia Moon  words by Littell G. McClung, music by
Charles E. Scharf,
rare,  1909.  G  50.00
LF00147  It's Tulip Time in Holland (Two Lips are Calling Me)  words by Dave
Radford, music by Richard A. Whiting,  1915.  G  4.00
LF00148  Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France  words by C. Francis Reisner &
Benny Davis, music by Billy Baskette,
WWI, stains,  1917.  F  12.00
LF000149  Break the News to Mother  re-issue of the 1897 song of the Spanish
American War by Chas. K. Harris,
WWI, crease,  1916.  G  12.00
LF00150  When You're a Long, Long Way from Home  words by Sam. M.
Lewis, music by Geo. W. Meyer,
WWI, 1914.  G  12.00  
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