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Large Format IV

This is music typically from before 1920 (although
some examples of large format sheets from later dates
do exist) and is approximately 10" by 13" in size with up
to 1/2" to 1"  size variations in either direction.
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LF00151  On Mobile Bay  words by Earle C. Jones, music by Chas. N. Daniels,  
1910.  G  4.00
LF00152  Ireland Must Have Been Heaven, for My Mother Came from There  
photo of Bert & Betty Wheeler, by Joe McCarthy & Fred Fischer,  1916.  G  8.00
LF00153  Where Did You Get that Girl  photo of Chris Pender, words by Bert
Kalmar, music by Harry puck,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00154  When Dreams Come True  from the P. Bartholomaes comedy with
Joseph Santley, music by Silvio Hein,  1913.  F  3.00
LF00155  Come on Over Here from Charles Frohman's 'The Doll Girl' with
Richard Carle & Hattie Williams, music by Jerome D. Kern,  1913.  G  8.00  
LF00156  He Never Even Said Good-Bye  photo of Leona Thurber, words by
Dave J. Clark, music by Albert Gumble,  1907.  G  4.00
LF00157  In Sunny Italy  featured by Sam Dody, by Fred Fischer writer of 'My
Brudda Sylvest,  1909.  G  4.00
LF00158  The Trail of the Lonesome Pine  photo of Yvette Rugel, words by
Ballard MacDonald, music by Harry Carroll,  1913.  F  6.00
LF00159  Oceana Roll  words by Roger Lewis, music by Lucien Denni,  1911.  G  
LF00160  Good-Bye Everybody  from Mort Singer's Berlin Operetta 'A Modern
Eve', music by Jean Gilbert, lyrics by Will. M. Hough,  1912.  G  5.00
LF00161  Face to Face with the Girl of My Dreams  signed photo Florence
Rayfield, words and music by Richard Howard,  1914.  F  6.00
LF00162  My Brudda Sylvest  featured by Mabel Hite in 'The Merry-Go-Round',
words by Jesse Lasky, music by Fred Fischer,  1908.  F  10.00
LF00163  This is the Life  photo of Al. Jolson, by Irving Berlin,  1914.  G  8.00
LF00164  Follow the Car Tracks  photo of Miss Hetty King in drag, lyric by
Ballard MacDonald, music by Alfred Solman,
hard to find,  1910.  F  40.00  
LF00165  Just as the Sun Went Down  re-issue from the 1898 ballad for WWI,
words and music by Lyn Udall,  1914-1918.  G  12.00
LF00166  Over There  by Geo. M. Cohan, photo of Wm. J. Reilly U.S.N.,
numerous creases and small tears, 1917.  P  10.00  
LF00167  Au Revoir, But not Good-Bye  (Soldier Boy)  words by Lew Brown,
music by Albert Von Tilzer,  
stains,  1917.  F  6.00
LF00168  Hawaiian Butterfly  photo of Elsie White, words by George A. Little,
music by Billy Baskette & Joseph Santly,
stains,  1917.  F  4.00  
LF00169  Oh! Frenchy  words by Sam Ehrlich, music by Con Conrad, stains,  
1918.  G  5.00
LF00170  Somewhere in France is the Lily  photo of Jos. E. Howard, lyric by
Philander Johnson,  1917.  F  7.00
LF00171  I Don't Want to Get Well  words by Harry Pease & Howard Johnson,
music by Harry Jentes,  1917.  G  16.00
LF00172  Three Wonderful Letters from Home  words by Joe Goodwin &
Ballard MacDonald, music by James F. Hanley,
stains, 1918.  G  6.00
LF00173  Liberty Bell  (It's Time to Ring Again)  words by Joe Goodwin, music
by Halsey K. Mohr,
stains,  1917.  G  6.00
LF00174  Where do We Go from Here  photo of Marie Russell, by Howard
Johnson & Percy Wenrich,  1917.  F  6.00
LF00175  I'd Like to See the Kaiser with a Lily in His Hand  photo of Henry
Lewis, words and music by Howard Johnson & Billy Frisch,  1918.  G  10.00
LF00176  I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier  photo of McCormack & Irving,
lyrics by Alfred Bryan, music by Al. Piantadosi,  
stains,  1915.  G  8.00
LF00177  I'll Take You back to Italy  as introduced by Fred Stone in Chas. B.
Dillingham's 'Jack O' Lantern', words & music by Irving Berlin,  1917.  F  3.00
LF00178  Chong  (He Come from Hong Kong)  words and music by Harold
Weeks,  1918.  G  6.00
LF00179  Beautiful Ohio  by Mary Earl, lyric by Ballard Macdonald, DeTakacs
version, stains
.  1918  G  8.00
LF00180  One, Two, Three, Four  Native Hawaiian Song from Oliver Morosco's
'The Bird of Paradise' by Richard Walton Tully,  1915.  F  8.00
LF00181  Lullaby  from George W. Lederer's musical production 'Angel Face',
lyrics by Robert Smith, music by Victor Herbert,  1919.  VG  20.00
LF00182  Memories of Virginia  words by Jack Wilnorf, music by James W.
Atkinson,  1920.  F  5.00
LF00183  Games of Childhood Days  (or Ring Around a Rosie)  from Harry W.
Fields 'Redpath's Napanees', by Will J. Harris & Harry Robinson,  1908.  F  18.00
LF00184  The High Cost of Loving  photo of Little Jerry, words by Alfred Bryan,
music by George W. Meyer,
stain,  1914.  F  3.00   
LF00185  Hitchy Koo  photo of Effie La Croix, words by L. Wolf Gilbert, music
by Lewis F. Muir & Maurice Abrahams,  1912.  G  6.00
LF00186  Love's Golden Star  dedication to Miss Marguerite Britton Rudy, by
Louis A. Drumheller,  
edge wear,  1907.  P  3.00
LF00187  Snookey Ookums  photo of Natalie Normandie, words and music by
Irving Berlin,  1913.  G  8.00
LF00188  At the Devil's Ball  photo of Dolly Morrisey,  words and music by
Irving Berlin,  1913.  F  8.00
LF00189  He's a Devil ~ in His Own Home Town, photo of Mrs. Frank Farnum,
music by Grant Clark, music by Irving Berlin,  
edge wear,  1914.  F  7.00   
LF00190  On the Mississippi  photo of Smith, Voelk & Cronin, words by Ballard
MacDonald, music by Carroll & Fields,  1912.  F  5.00  
LF00191  Love, Love, Love Me  from Gus Mill's musical comedy 'Bringing Up
Father', words by John P. Mulgrew, music by Thomas Swift,
rare,  1914.  F  30.00