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Movies II
MO00058  It Only Happens When I Dance with You  MGM presents Irving
Berlin's 'Easter Parade' with Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, 1947.  VG  13.00   
MO00059  Dear Old Daddy Long Legs  selected and dedicated to Mary Pickford
in conjunction with her photoplay, words by N. Fleeson, 1919.  G  21.00
MO00060  Golden Earrings  Paramount Picture starring Ray Milland and
Marlene Dietrich, words by Jay Livingston, music by V.  Young, 1946.  VG  13.00
MO00061  Don't Fence Me In  Warner Bros. present 'Hollywood Canteen' with
the Andrews Sisters, Jack Benny, many stars, by Cole Porter, 1944.  G  15.00
MO00062  Cheek to Cheek  RKO's ''op Hat' starring Fred Astaire and Ginger
Rogers, music and lyrics by Irving Berlin, 1935.  VG  13.00
MO00063  Louise  Paramount's 'Innocents of Paris' sung by Maurice Chevalier,
words by Leo Robin, music by Richard A. Whiting, 1929.  G  11.00
MO00064  Together  United Artists present David O. Selznick's production of '
Since You went Away'  with Shirley Temple, 1944.  VG  13.00
MO00065  Tip Toe Through the Tulips with Me  Warner Bros. Talking Picture
'The Gold Diggers of Broadway', lyric by Al Dubin, 1929.  G  12.00
MO00066  You're Laughing at Me  20th Century Fox presents Irving Berlin's 'On
the Avenue' with Dick Powell, Alice Faye, 1937.  F  8.00
MO00067  We Saw the Sea  RKO's 'Follow the Fleet' starring Fred Astaire and
Ginger Rogers, lyrics and music by Irving Berlin, 1936.  G  11.00
MO00068  The Trolley Song  MGM's 'Meet Me in St. Louis' starring Judy
Garland, words and music by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blain, 1944.  VG  13.00
MO00069  On the Atchison, Topeka and the Sante Fe  MGM's 'The Harvey
Girls' starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, 1945.  G  12.00
MO00070  Mickey  adapted from Mack Sennett's $500,000 photoplay and
dedicated to Mabel Normand, words by Harry Williams, 1919.  G  12.00
MO00071  Put Your Arms Around Me  20th Century Fox picture 'Coney Island'
starring Betty Grable, Cesar Romero, words by J. McCree, 1937.  G  11.00
MO00072  Happy Days are Here Again  MGM's 'Chasing Rainbows' with
Bessie Love, Charles King, Jack Benny, songs by Jack Yellen, 1929.  F  8.00
MO00073  Chattanooga Choo Choo  20th Century Fox's 'Sun Valley Serenade'
starring Sonja Henie and John Payne, with Glenn Miller,
doodles, 1941.  F  8.00
MO00074  Sing Before Breakfast  MGM's 'Broadway Melody of 1936' starring
Robert Taylor, Sid Silvers, lyric by Arthur Freed, 1935.  G  9.00
MO00075  It's a Grand Night for Singing  20th Century Fox presents Rogers and
Hammerstein's 'State Fair' with Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, 1945.  G  8.00
MO00076  They're Either Too Young or Too Old  Warner Bros. 'Thank Your
Lucky Stars' with Bette Davis, Ida Lupino, lyric by Frank Loesser, 1943.  VG  5.00
MO00077  There Goes That Song Again  Columbia Picture presents 'Carolina
Blues' starring Kay Kyser and Ann Miller, words by S. Cahn, 1944.  VG+  5.00
MO00078  Ramona  dedicated to Dolores Del Rio, produced by Inspiration
Pictures for United Artists, lyric by L. W. Gilbert, 1927.  F  4.00
MO00079  Weary River  featured in Richard Barthelmess' greatest production,
words by Grant Clarke, music by Louis Silvers, 1929.  G  8.00
MO00080  Two Silhouettes  from Walt Disney's 'Make Mine Music', lyric by Ray
Gilbert, music by Charles Wolcott, 1945.  VG  9.00
MO00081  I'll be with You in Apple Blossom Time, featured by the Andrews
Sisters in the Universal's 'Buck Privates', lyric by N. Fleeson, 1941.  VG  9.00
MO00082  Can't Help Singing  Universal's Picture starring Deanna Durbin, by
Jerome Kern, words by E.Y. Harburg, 1944.  G  4.00
MO00083  It Had to be You  RKO Radio Picture's 'Show Business'  starring
Eddie Cantor, George Murphy, Joan Davis, words by Gus Kahn, 1939.  VG  9.00  
MO00084 You were Meant for Me  from MGM's all Talking Picture 'The
Broadway Melody' featuring Charles King, Anita Page, 1929.  G  8.00
MO00085  Honeymoon Hotel  Warner Bros. present 'Footlight Parade' starring
James Cagney, Joan Blondell, words by Al Dubin, 1933.  G  8.00
MO00086  This is the Moment  20th Century Fox presents Betty Grable, Douglas
Fairbanks Jr. in 'That Lady in Ermine', lyric by Leo Robin, 1948.  VG  9.00
MO00087  The Sound of Music  20th Century Fox presents Julie Andrews,
Christopher Plummer in the Rodgers and Hammerstein prod. 1959.  VG  6.00
MO00088  Here's Love in Your Eye  Paramount's 'The Big Broadcast of 1937',
with George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, 1936.  VG  9.00
MO00089  It Can't be Wrong  Warner Bros. 'Now Voyager' starring Bette Davis
and Paul Henreid, lyric by Kim Gannon, music by Max Steiner, 1942.  G  11.00  
MO00090  Blue is the Night  MGM presents Norma Shearer in an All Talking
Picture 'Their Own Desire', words and music by Fred Fisher, 1930.  VG  7.00
MO00091  Gee, but I'd Like to Make You Happy  MGM's 'Good News' with
Bessie Love and Cliff Edwards, by Larry Shay & George Ward, 1930.  G  4.00
MO00092  The Wedding of the Painted Doll  MGM's 'Broadway Melody' with
Geraldine and Anne Beaumont, lyric by Arthur Freed, 1929.  G  5.00
MO00093  You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me  Paramount's 'The Big Pond'
starring Maurice Chevalier and Claudette Colbert, by I. Kahal, 1930.  VG+  11.00
MO00094  Cocktails for Two  Paramount presents Earl Carroll's 'Murder at the
Vanities' with Kitty Carlisle, Duke Ellington, 1934.
 stain  G  4.00    
MO00095  One Night of Love  by Columbia Picture, sung by Grace Moore,
words by Gus Kahn, music by Victor Schertzinger, 1934.  G  8.00
MO00096  Pagan Love Song  from MGM's 'The Pagan', sung by Ramon Novarro,
lyric by Arthur Freed, melody by Nacio Herb Brown, 1929.  G  8.00
MO00097  Pass That Peace Pipe  from MGM's 'Good News' with June Allyson
and Peter Lawford, by Roger Edens, Hugh Martin & Ralph Blaine, 1947.  G  4.00
MO00098  And There You Are  from MGM's 'Weekend at the Waldorf' with
Ginger Rogers, lyric by Ted Koehler, music by Sammy Fain, 1945.  F  5.00
MO00099  Wanting You  from MGM's 'New Moon', with Jeanette Macdonald &
Nelson Eddy, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, 1928.  G  8.00
MO00100  It's Magic  from Warner Bros. 'Romance on the High Seas', with Jack
Carson, Doris Day, words by Sammy Cahn, music by Jule Styne, 1948.  G  8.00
MO00101  I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now  by 20th Century Fox, starring June
Haver, music by Joseph E. Howard,
doodling, 1947.  G  4.00
MO00102  My Mother's Eyes  from the Tiffany Stahl Talking Production of
'Lucky Boy' with George Jessel, music by Abel Baer, 1928.  G  4.00
MO00103  I'm Making Believe  from 20th Century Fox' 'Sweet and Low-Down'
with Benny Goodman, songs by Mack Gordon and James Monaco, 1944.  G  4.00
MO00104  Cow Cow Boogie  from the Walt Lantz 'Swing Symphony' words and
music by Don Raye and Gene de Paul,
small English format, 1941.  G  8.00
MO00105  Stay as Sweet as You are from Paramount's 'College Rhythm' with
Helen Mack, lyric and music by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel, 1934.  8.00
MO00106  Some Sunday Morning  Warner Bros. 'San Antonio' starring Errol
Flynn, lyric by Ted Koehler,
small tear on back, 1945.  G  5.00
MO00107  Steppin' Out with My Baby  MGM's 'Easter Parade' with Judy
Garland and Fred Astaire, by Irving Berlin, 1947.  F  6.00
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