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Movies III
MO00108  Say a Pray'r for the Boys over there  Universal's 'Hers to Hold' with
Deanna Durbin and Joseph Cotten, words by Herb Magidson, 1943.  VG  6.00
MO00109  I'll String Along with You  Warner Bros. '20 Million Sweethearts' with
Dick Powell and Ginger Rogers, words by Al Dubin, 1934.  F  4.00
MO00110  My One and Only Highland Fling  MGM's 'The Barkleys of Broadway'
with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, lyric by Ira Gershwin, 1949.  VG  7.00
MO00111  Just a Little Closer  from MGM's 'Remote Control' starring William
Haines, lyric by Howard Johnson, music by Joseph Meyer, 1930.  G  6.00
MO00112  Singin' in the Bathtub  from Warner Bros. 'Show of Shows' by Herb
Magidson, Ned Washington & Michael H. Cleary, 1929.  G  8.00
MO00113  Should I  from MGM's Lord Byron of Broadway, lyrics by Arthur
Freed, music by Nacio Herb Brown, 1929.  G  8.00
MO00114  Roll Along Prairie Moon  from MGM's ' Here Comes the Band starring
Virginia Bruce & Harry Stockwell, 1935.  G  8.00
MO00115  The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where is Your Heart) from United
Artists, starring Zsa Zsa Gabor, Suzanne Flon & Jose Ferrer, 1953.  VG  4.00
MO00116  To Each His Own  presented by Paramount with Olivia DeHavilland
and John Lund, words and music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, 1946.  G  4.00
MO00117  My Foolish Heart  from the Samuel Goldwyn production starring Dana
Andrews and Susan Hayward, 1949.  G  4.00
MO00118  In My Arms  featured in MGM's 'See Here, Private Hargrove' starring
Robert Walker & Donna Reed, by Frank Loesser and Ted Grouya, 1943.  VG  4.00
MO00119  Ro-Ro-Rollin' Along  Theme song of Raytone's 'Near the Rainbow's
End', featured by Ozzie Nelson, words by Billy Moll, 1930.  G  4.00
MO00120  As Long as I Live  from Warner Bros. 'Saratoga Trunk' starring Ingrid
Bergman and Gary Cooper, music by Max Steiner, 1944.  VG  4.00
MO00121  With a Song in My Heart  20 Century-Fox' production starring Susan
Hayward, words by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers, 1929.  VG  4.00
MO00122  The 3rd Man Theme  from the David O. Selznick production, with
Orson Welles and Trevor Howard, by Anton Karas, 1949.  G  4.00
MO00123  Remember Me?  from Warner Bros. 'Mr. Dodd takes the Air' with
Kenny Baker & Jane Wyman, music by Harry Warren,
writing, 1937.  G  4.00
MO00124  Sweet and Lovely  MGM's 'Two Girls and a Sailor' with Van Johnson,
June Allyson, Jimmy Durante, Xavier Cugat, Harry James, 1932.  G  4.00
MO00125  For Every Man There's a Woman  Universal's 'Casbah' with Yvonne
DeCarlo, Tony Martin & Peter Lorre, music by Harold Arlen, 1948.  G  4.00
MO00126  A Rainy Night in Rio  from Warner Bros. 'The Time, The Place and
The Girl', music by Arthur Schwartz, lyric by Leo Robin, 1946.  VG  4.00
MO00127  Painting the Clouds with Sunshine  Warner Bros. present starring
Dennis Morgan, words by Al Dubin, music by Joe Burke, 1951.  G  4.00
MO00128  I Wish I Knew  20 Century Fox' 'Diamond Horseshoe' with Phil Silvers,
William Gaxton, Beatric Kay, Carmen Cavallaro,
crease, 1945  G  4.00
MO00129  September in the Rain  from Warner Bros. 'Melody for Two' with
James Melton, lyric by Al Dubin, music by Harry Warren, 1937.  G  4.00
MO00130  Kokomo, Indiana  from 20th Century's 'Mother Wore Tights starring
Betty Grable & Dan Dailey, lyric by Mack Gordon, 1947.  VG  4.00
MO00131  Ole Buttermilk Sky  Walter Wanger presents 'Canyon Passage' with
Dana Andrews & Susan Hayward, lyrics by Hoagy Carmichael, 1946.  VG  4.00
MO00132  Time Waits for No One  from Warner Bros. 'Shine on Harvest Moon'
with Ann Sheridan & Dennis Morgan, music by Cliff Friend, 1944.  G  4.00
MO00133  Long Ago (And Far Away)  Columbia Picture's 'Cover Girl' with Rita
Hayworth and Gene Kelly, music by Jerome Kern, 1944.  G  4.00
MO00134  What Have You Got That Gets Me  from Paramount's 'Artists and
Models Abroad', with Jack Benny and Joan Bennett, 1938.  F  4.00
MO00135  At Last  20 Century's 'Orchestra Wives' with George Montgomery, Ann
Rutherford and Glenn Miller, lyric by Mack Gordon, 1942.  VG  4.00
MO00136  Mister Five by Five  from Universal's 'Behind the 8 Ball' starring the
Ritz Brothers, Carol Bruce, by Don Raye and Gene de Paul, 1942.  VG  4.00
MO00137  As Years go by  MGM's 'Song of Love'  with Katherine Hepburn, Paul
Henreid, by Charles Tobias and Peter de Rose, 1947.  VG  4.00
MO00138  All Through the Day  20th Century's 'Centennial Summer with Jeanne
Crain & Cornel Wilde, words by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, 1946.  G  4.00
MO00139  Ebb Tide  from the Paramount Picture with Oscar Homolka, Frances
Farmer, Ray Milland, words and music by Leo Robin, 1937.  G  4.00
MO00140  Dearly Beloved  from Columbia's 'You Were Never Lovelier' with
Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth, music by Jerome Kern, 1942.  VG  4.00
MO00141  Buttons and Bows  from Paramount's 'The Paleface' starring Jane
Russell and Bob Hope, by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, 1948.  G  4.00
MO00142  Roses in December  from RKO's 'The Life of the Party'  with Harriet
Hilliard and Gene Raymond,  1937.  G  4.00
MO00143  Oh, But I Do  from Warner Bros. 'The Time, The Place and The Girl'
with Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Martha Vickers, & Janis Paige,  1946.  VG  4.00
MO00144  Bali Ha'I  from 20th Century's 'South Pacific' with Rossano Brazzi and
Mitzi Gaynor, by Rodgers and Hammerstein,  1949.  F  4.00
MO00145  This Little Piggie Went to Market  from Paramount's 'Eight Girls in a
Boat'  featured by Ethel Shutta, lyrics by Sam Coslow,  1933.  F  4.00
MO00146  Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart  from Warner Bros. 'Hollywood Canteen'
with Jack Benny, Andrews Sisters, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford,  1944.  VG  4.00  
MO00147  Here Comes Heaven Again  from 20th Century's 'Doll Face' with
Vivian Blaine, Perry Como, Carmen Miranda,  1945.  VG  4.00
MO00148  (I Got Spurs) Jingle Jangle Jingle  from Paramount's 'The Forest
Rangers' with Fred MacMurray, Paulette Goddard, Susan Hayward,  1942.  G  4.00
MO00149  It's You  from Universal's 'College Love' featuring George Lewis &
Dorothy Gulliver, words and music by Dave Silverstein,  1929.  P  3.00
MO00150  One More Tomorrow  from the Warner Bros. picture with Ann
Sheridan, Jane Wyman, music & lyric by Ernesto Lecuona,  1945.  VG  4.00
MO00151  I Should Care  from MGM's 'Thrill of a Romance' with Esther
Williams, Van Johnson, words & music by Sammy Cahn,  1944.  VG  4.00
MO00152  Do You Love Me  from the 20th Century picture, with Maureen O'Hara,
Harry James, lyric and music by Harry Ruby,  1946.  VG  4.00
MO00153  Again from the 20th Century-Fox' 'Road House'  with Ida Lupino,
Richard Widmark, lyric by Dorcas Cochran  1948.  VG  4.00
MO00154  What Did I Do?  from the 20th Century-Fox' 'When My Baby Smiles at
Me' with Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, lyrics by Mack Gordon,  1948.  VG  4.00
MO00155  Love Letters  from the Paramount picture with Jennifer Jones, Joseph
Cotton, words by Edward Heyman, music by Victor Young,  1945.  VG  4.00
MO00156  Baby, It's Cold Outside  from MGM's 'Neptune's Daughter' with Esther
Williams, Red Skelton, words & music by Frank Loesser,  1949.  G  3.00
MO00157  Pass That Peace Pipe  from MGM's 'Good News' with June Allyson,
Peter Lawford, by Roger Edens, Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane,  1947.  G  3.00
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