Heart Mind & Hand
MU00001  Indian Love Call  Arthur Hammerstein presents Rose-Marie a musical
play, book and lyric by Harbach and Hammerstein 2nd, 8pp., 1924.  G  8.00
MU00002  These Foolish Things (Remind Me of you)  from William Walker's
Revue 'Spread it Abroad', Kate Smith on cover (small water stain), 1935.  G  7.00
MU00003  Lost in Loveliness  Shepard Traube presents Jeanmaire and Charles
Goldner in 'The Girl in the Pink Tights, music by Sigmund Romberg, 1954  VG  9.00
MU00004  The Desert Song  Laurence Schwab and Frank Mandel present the
romantic operetta 'The Desert Song', music by Sigmund Romberg, 1926.  G  8.00
MU00005  Georgette  introduced by Ted Lewis feature of the 'Greenwich Village
Follies', words by Lew Brown, music by Ray Henderson, 1922.  G  8.00
MU00006  Rio Rita  from Ziegfeld's 'Rio Rita' , music by Harry Tierney, lyrics by
Joseph McCarthy, book by G. Bolton and F. Thompson, 1926.  F  5.00
MU00007  You're a Sweetheart  songs by Mchugh and Adamson, the New
Universal presents Alice Faya, a Buddy DeSylva Musical, 1937.  G  8.00
MU00008  I Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight  Walter Wagner's '52nd Street',
starring Ian Hunter and Pat Paterson, lyrics by Walter Bullock, 1937.  G  8.00
MU00009  Make Believe  Florenz Ziegfeld presents 'Show Boat', book and lyrics
by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, music by Jerome Kern, 1927.  G  8.00
MU00010  Little Old Lady  Lee Shubert presents 'The Show is On', starring
Beatrice Lillie and Bert Lahr, lyrics by Ted Fetter, 1936.  VG  9.00
MU00011  Little Mother  Lullaby Waltz from the William Fox Production 'Four
Sons', featured by Bob Olsen, by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack, 1928.  F  6.00  
MU00012  When Your Heart's on Fire Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  Max Gordon
presents 'Roberta', by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach, 1933.  F  5.00  
MU00014  My Sunny Tennessee  as sung by Eddie Cantor in Lee & J.J. Shubert's
production 'The Midnight Rounders of 1921', by B. Kalmar, 1921.  P  4.00  
MU00015  Marrying For Love  Leland Hayward presents Ethel Merman in 'Call
Me Madam' with Paul Lukas, lyrics and music by Irving Berlin, 1950.  VG+  10.00
MU00016  The Last Round-Up  from the new Ziegfeld Follies, introduced by
George Olsen, by Billy Hill, 1933.  G  8.00
MU00017  Lambeth Walk  from the Lupino Lane and Jack Eggar production 'Me
and My Girl', lyric by Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber, 1937.  G  8.00
MU00018  Your Land and My Land  the Messrs. Shubert present 'My Maryland a
musical romance, book and lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly, 1927.  G  8.00
MU00019  They Say It's Wonderful  Rodgers and Hammerstein present Ethel
Merman in 'Annie Get Your Gun', by Irving Berlin, (yellowing),  1946.  VG 8.00  
MU00020  I Must Have That Man  Lew Leslie's 'Blackbirds of 1928', lyrics by
Dorothy Fields, music by Jimmy McHugh, 1928.  VG  9.00
MU00021  Papa, won't You Dance with Me?  Monte Proser and Joseph Kipness
present 'High Button Shoes' by S. Cahn and J.  Styne, 1947.  VG  9.00
MU00022  Doin' What Comes Natur'lly  Rodgers and Hammerstein present Ethel
Merman in 'Annie Get Your Gun', by Irving Berlin, 1946.  VG  8.00
MU00023  At a Perfume Counter on the Rue de la Paix  introduced by Morton
Downey and W. Shaw at Billy Rose's Casa Manana, by E. Leslie, 1938.  VG  13.00
MU00024  The Love Nest  George M. Cohan presents a musical comedy 'Mary' ,
lyrics by Otto Harbach, music by Louis A. Hirsch, 1920.  P  5.00
MU00025  Angela Mia (My Angel)  theme from William Fox production 'Street
Angel', starring Janet Gaynor, music by E. Rapee, 1928.  F  13.00  
MU00026  Valencia  (A Song of Spain)  sung by Mistinguett at the Moulin Rouge,
Paris, by Messrs. Lee and D.D. Shubert in 'The Great Temptations', 1926.  G  11.00
MU00027  I'm in Heaven When I See You Smile Diane love waltz from William
Fox's Production '7th Heaven' by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack, 1927.  G  11.00  
MU00028  Rose of Washington Square  introduced by Fanny Brice in the New
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic, lyric by B. Macdonald and J. F. Hanley, 1920.  G  15.00
MU00030  Get Out of Town  Vinton Freedley presents William Saxton and Victor
Moore in the musical comedy 'Leave it to Me!', by Cole Porter, 1938.  G  4.00
MU00031  Haunted Heart  Arthur Schwartz presents Beatrice Lillie and Jack
Haley 'Inside U.S.A.' a Musical,  by H.  Dietz and A.  Schwartz, 1948.  VG+  6.00
MU00032  It's D'Lovely  Vinton Freedley presents Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante
and Bob Hope in 'Red Hot and Blue' by Cole Porter, 1936.  VG  6.00
MU00033  Blue Shadows  Earl Carroll 'Vanities' 7th Edition, lyric by Raymond
Klages, music by Louis Alter, dance ensembles by B. Berkeley, 1928.  G  18.00      
MU00034  No Other Love  Rodgers & Hammerstein's 'Me and Juliet', directed by
George Abbott, musical numbers by Robert Alton,  1953.  F  4.00
MU00035  Ol' Man River  Florenz Ziegfeld presents 'Show Boat', book and lyrics
by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd,  1927.  G  8.00
MU00036  One Alone  from the operetta 'The Desert Song', book and lyrics by
Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Otto Harbach,  1926.  G  8.00
MU00037  People Will Say We're in Love  from the musical 'Oklahoma' by
Rodgers & Hammerstein 2nd, 1943.  VG  5.00
MU00038  I Love You  from Michael Todd's 'Mexican Hayride' with Bobby Clark,
June Havoc, by Cole Porter, 1943.  G  4.00
MU00039  That Tumble Down Shack in the Athlone  from Geo. M. Cohan's
Comedy 'The Voice of McConnell' with Chauncey Olcott, 1918.  G  8.00
MU00040  Someday, Somewhere  from William Fox' 'The Red Dance' with
Dolores Del Rio, music by Erno Rapee, 1928.  4.00
MU00041  Bill  from Florenz Ziegfeld's 'Show Boat' book and lyrics by Oscar
Hammerstein 2nd, music by Jerome Kern, 1927.  G  5.00
MU00042  Just in Time  The Theatre Guild presents Judy Holiday in 'Bells are
Ringing', book and lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green, 1956.  VG  7.00
MU00043  In a Little While  from Adaart's 'Nobody's Girl', book by John E.
Young, lyrics by Gus Kahn & Ray B. Egan, 1925.  VG  6.00
MU00044  Mutual Admiration Society  Jo Mielziner presents Ethel Merman in
'Happy Hunting' with Fernando Lamas, lyrics by Matt Dubey, G  4.00
MU00045  The Next Time it Happens  from Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Pipe
Dream' based on John Steinbeck's 'Sweet Thursday', 1955.  VG  4.00
MU00046  Alice Blue Gown  from Vanderbilt's comedy 'Irene' by James
Montgomery, music by Harry Tierney, lyrics by Joseph McCarthy, 1919.  G  4.00
MU00047  Music, Maestro, Please!   presented in the Orchid Room of Hollywood
Hotel, words by Herb Magidson, music by Allie Wrubel, 1938.  G  4.00
MU00048  Oh, What a Beautiful Morning  The Theatre Guild Presents
'Oklahoma' by Rodgers and Hammerstein 2nd, 1943.  G  4.00
MU00049  Climb Ev'ry Mountain  from Rodgers and Hammerstein 2nd 'The Sound
of Music' starring Mary Martin, 1959.  G  4.00
MU00050  Silver Moon  from Messrs. Shubert's 'My Maryland', book and lyrics by
Dorothy Donnelly, music by Sigmund Romberg, 1927.  G  4.00
MU00051  Dancing with My Shadow  from the musical 'Thank You so Much' by
Ted Archer and Rex Lavelle, 1934.  VG  4.00
MU00052  How are Things in Glocca Morra from the musical 'Finian's Rainbow',
lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, music by Burton Lane, 1946.  VG  4.00
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