Heart Mind & Hand
Difficulty ratings
I:     Beginner to Intermediate
II:    Intermediate to Advanced
III:  Advanced to Accomplished  
PI00001  II  Schirmer's Library  Vol. 141  GIUSEPPE CONCONE  Op. 25  
Fifteen Studies in Styles and Expression  47 pp., 1900.  G  9.00
PI00002  II  Edition Peters  No. 1967 a. ETUDEN ALBUM  Band I.  Kohler  
(German import) 47 pp., string bound, turn of the century,  F  13.00
PI00003  II  Conservatory Library  CZERNY Necessity Studies Op. 299  
(velocity)  18 exercises, 1905.  G  9.00
PI00004  I  The Very First Pieces for the Piano  29 songs for the beginner from
the turn of the century, 55 pps.  The binding has separated, well used music, still in
tact, 1906.  F  10.00
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