Heart Mind & Hand
Rudy Vallee
RV00001  Let's Put Out the Lights  words and music by Herman Hupfeld, signed
photo of Rudy Vallee on cover, 1932.  G  8.00
RV00002  The Song Without a Name  prize winning song of the year, words and
music by Benee Russell, 1930.  VG  9.00
RV00003  Vieni-Vieni  lyric by George Koger and H. Varna, English version by
Rudy Vallee, music by Vincent Scotto, 1937.  G  8.00
RV00004  Stein Song  University of Maine, music by E.A. Fenstad, arrangement by
A.W. Sprague, words by Lincoln Colcord, 1930.  G  8.00
RV00005  A Little Kiss Each Morning (a Little Kiss each Night)  in the Radio
Picture 'the Vagabond Lover', words and music by Harry Woods, 1929.  G  8.00
RV00006  Lonely Troubadour  words & music by John Klenner, 1929.  VG  9.00  
RV00007  They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree  by George Brown, Willie Raskin
& Edward Eliscu, 1929.  G  8.00
RV00008  Dancing with Tears in My Eyes  by the writers of 'Tip-Toe Thru the
Tulips with Me, lyric by Al Dubin, music by Joe Burke, 1930.  G  4.00
RV00009  Star Dust  words by Mitchell Parish, music by Hoagy Carmichael,
1929.  P  4.00
RV00010  The Whiffenpoof Song  by Meade Minnigerode, George S. Pomeroy &
Tod B. Galloway, 1936.  VG+  5.00
RV00011  Oh! Ma-Ma!  based on the Italian song success 'Luna Mezzo Mare',
photo of Enoch Light, by Rudy Vallee & Paolo Citorello, 1928.  G  4.00
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