Heart Mind & Hand
TR00001  Pick Me Up and Lay Me Down (in Dear Old Dixieland) by Bert
Kalmar and Harry Ruby, 1922. G  9.00
TR00002  On the 'Gin 'Gin 'Ginny Shore words by Edgar Leslie, music by
Walter Donaldson, Paul Specht on cover, 1922. G 9.00
TR00003 Harbor Lights by Jimmy Kennedy and Hugh Williams, 1937. VG 5.00
TR00004  On Treasure Island  by Edgar Leslie and Joe Burke,  1935.  G  4.00
TR00005  A Sailboat in the Moonlight  featured by Guy Lombardo, by Carmen
Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb, 1937.  G  4.00
TR00006  I'm Waiting for Ships (that never come in)  photo of Rudolph Friml, Jr.,
words by Jack Yellen, music by Abe Olman, 1940.  VG  4.00
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